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Bearings and seals are important components in a variety of machinery and vehicles. Our bearings and seals are made from stainless steel and Japanese bearings for the utmost strength and durability.

They help to keep wheels turning smoothly and prevent leaks in pipes and other systems.

Our marine seal bearing kits are perfect for those who boat or trailer their vehicles often, and our steel hub dust cap zinc plated finish protects against rust and corrosion.

Steel hub dust caps and trailer wheel replacement bearings are also available.

We also offer trailer wheel replacement bearings, bearing buddies, and a complete bearing kit to suit 39mm, 45mm 50mm, and 40mm axles.

For added protection, our oil seals keep things running smoothly and prevent leaks.

And our axle nut washer kit ensures that your parts are securely in place.

Whether you need wheel bearings or oil seal bearing kits or looking to replace a worn-out part or upgrade your trailer’s performance, Superior Trailer Parts has everything you need.

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